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Here you will find some samples of graphic
design work, photography work (including
composites), print layout (ad, poster,
brochure, banner, menu, business cards, etc.),
for various entities!



Cover Inserts for Tall/Narrow Menu Folder

Inside Inserts for Tall/Narrow Menu Folder

Large, Laminated, Tri-fold Main Menu

Ads, posters, brochures:

Drink Ad/Table top/Table Tent/Poster

Ad for Print, Advertising, Chamber of Commerce

Advertisement Poster for Restaurant

Ad Poster, 13"x19", Performer

Business Logo

Brochure, (8.5"x11",Cut in Half), Duplex Print (front/back same sheet), 1/4 Sheet, Fold, Four Page



Memory Sheet Print, 13"x19"

Demo Poster, 13"x19"

Demo Poster, 13"x19"

Welcoming Banner (42" x 84"), 2007 Gulf States Camera Club Council Convention

Photo for 24"X36" print for Trucking Company office in Kansas

Book Cover



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